Very interesting article about the future of computing for those who care about such things…
From Charles Stross
I’ve got a theory, and it’s this: Steve Jobs believes he’s gambling Apple’s future — the future of a corporation with a market cap well over US $200Bn — on an all-or-nothing push into a new market. HP [...]


What the fuck should I cook for dinner?

a warm banjo

A member of the likeithateit team, has recently purchased a banjo.    This previously morose, alienated, dejected individual has somehow developed a sparkling personality as he wanders through the likeithateit offices playing his simple happy music. It hardly seems possible that such a simple contraption could make such a difference, but having seen it with [...]


From The New York Times
Hmmm. You think it’s a coincidence? Costa Rica is one of the very few countries to have abolished its army, and it’s also arguably the happiest nation on earth.
There are several ways of measuring happiness in countries, all inexact, but this pearl of Central America does stunningly well by whatever [...]

monster guitar

ready steady spaghetti

lift off

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (HD) Camera E-8 from Mark Gray on Vimeo.

eat the penguin


Here’s a superb article from The Guardian’s Sean O’Hagan discussing one of the great rock and roll albums of all time – Exile on Main Street.
There is a great moment in Stones in Exile, a new documentary about the making of Exile on Main St in 1971, when Keith Richards defines the essential [...]

The Last Great American President

The always brilliant Christopher HItchens, with a scathing assesment of the Reagan years
from Slate Magazine

Ronald Reagan claimed that the Russian language had no word for “freedom.” (The word is “svoboda“; it’s quite well attested in Russian literature.) Ronald Reagan said that intercontinental ballistic missiles (not that there are any non-ballistic missiles—a corruption of language [...]

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