going viral

a terrible disaster

This man managed to evade regulations governing independent flights over the slick on the Gulf of Mexico and took photographs and videos of the damage including some of dolphins and whales dying in the slick. Sad.

cover band

The Fab Faux – Abbey Road Side 2 (mostly) from The Fab Faux on Vimeo.
Here are four men who have, in a completely pointless exercise and yet with strangely admirable mania, performed an EXACT version of side two of Abbey Road, live. Amazing.


Schrodinger’s tape measure

From The New Scientist

Take the simple process of measuring a photon’s spin. Thanks to the strange nature of the quantum world, it can actually be spinning in two directions at once, a phenomenon known as superposition. When we use a detector to measure the spin, however, the superposition disappears and we register a spin occurring [...]


From NPR
Fallon says nobody in his family has real problems with those behaviors. But he wanted to be sure. Conveniently, he had everything he needed: Previously, he had persuaded 10 of his close relatives to submit to a PET brain scan and give a blood sample as part of a project to see whether his [...]

the power of numbers

From Wired Magazine
Brin, of course, is no ordinary 36-year-old. As half of the duo that founded Google, he’s worth about $15 billion. That bounty provides additional leverage: Since learning that he carries a LRRK2 mutation, Brin has contributed some $50 million to Parkinson’s research, enough, he figures, to “really move the needle.” In light of the [...]


I still can’t get past the logic of his opening gambit – pure genius

surviving the apocalypse

Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse?

life follows art

Remember Good Will Hunting? What about this extraordinary speech where he predicts just about every thing that happens in American international relations in the last ten years, fourteen years before it happened?

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