the future of music….or the future of news


Wonderful anecdote on the relationship between power and information. It involves a high ranking American analyst, Daniel Ellsberg advising the newly appointed Kissinger on what access to highly confidential information would do to him.  Hang in for the twist.
From Daniel Ellsbergs book Secrets

“Henry, there’s something I would like to tell you, for what it’s [...]

Politics in America

From The New York Times
Eleven men and a woman had mustered there for a weeklong boot camp run by the Appleseed Project, a group Dailey started that is dedicated to teaching every American how to fire a bullet through a man-size target out to 500 yards. So far Appleseed has taught 25,000 [...]


It seems that men and women really do think differently
From ScienceDaily

Discoveries by scientists over the past 10 years have elucidated biological sex differences in brain structure, chemistry and function. “These variations occur throughout the brain, in regions involved in language, memory, emotion, vision, hearing and navigation,” explains Larry Cahill, Ph.D., an [...]

we do not forget….

Here’s an interesting story on the power of 4chan’s grown up alter ego – anonymous – everyone’s favorite schoolyard bully

From Newsvine

Sometime over the past few months the Tea Party, and more specifically the Oregon Tea Party, went shopping for a new slogan. They desired something pithy, no doubt, that was emblematic of their [...]


bend and stretch

From  The  NY Times

Yoga is a good thing, so you tend to push further than you would in a sport where you are actually more attuned to injury and afraid of injuries,” said Dr. Michelle Carlson, an orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan who specializes in arms and [...]

language games

Wonderful article from  the Wall Street Journal on the nature of language….
Of course, just because people talk differently doesn’t necessarily mean they think differently. In the past decade, cognitive scientists have begun to measure not just how people talk, but also how they think, asking whether our understanding of even such fundamental [...]

Endless applications

Will the possible uses for Apples amazing new product ever be exhasuted? – here is iDish

know your passport

For the international travel document buff – a comprehensive list of passport images

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