world’s greatest mash up

16 naff middle of the road pop songs turned into a single life changing blend of seamless melange high life pop sludge – sample it – truly awesome!!!

escalator revolution!!

Exactly what the world needs now, a new paradigm for escalators. Just think how cool the shopping malls of the future will be when they get this curvy wurvy shit happening?

dancing man

I offer this for a number of reasons. First the track is kind of sweet. Its by Austrian DJ Parov Stelar. But more particularly for the dude dancing. He has a youtube channel which has received millions of hits and consists of nothing more than him dancing in the same astroturfed room [...]


Wonderful photoessay on Anish Kapoor’s extraordinary new installation from The Guardian

It begins part 2 ……

This video like the one below is also quite dull. But again, if they’re designing giant swarms of robot planes, I think it my duty to bring this news to your attention so you can better defend yourselves once the robots finally start taking things into their own, prefabricated hands….

it begins….

This video is actually quite dull, but nonetheless, I thought it my responsibility to bring to you any news of a robot learning to use a weapon as it may prove useful in the coming machine wars…..

tilt shift

Tilt shift Van Gogh at Art-cyclopedia….

The dark ones….

making apple pies from scratch…..


As Abu Dhabi’s oil is leeched away, it has begun to search for alternatives ways of powering the lifestyle that they have come to expect.  Masdar is a city that has been designed to be completely self sustained. Or so the theory goes.  Powered by solar, with an armada of automatic electric cars that drive [...]

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