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in depth meeting

This guy has taken the Microsoft Kinect open source model and done some extraordinary things, including this, his latest, face to face meetings in three dimensions. It goes to show just how good the open source platform is for encouraging innovation.


The amazing people at Google have produced this new research application that allows you to find out how often a word has appeared in print over any time span between 1650 and today. As you can see, in an extraordinarily clever piece of self referential logic I have plugged the word etymology into the software [...]

Oh My God! Its the future……

google docs plus way too much free time….

After all the fussy intro business, theres about 30 seconds of animation gold all concocted in google docs. Very sweet.

double treat

Uncomfortable moments with Putin

Looking at things with Kim-Jong-Il

sky diving without a plane

Not so complex after all….

In this extremely interesting study a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were able to modify moral assessments simply by applying electromagnetic pulses to a certain part of the brain associated with ethical thinking. I predict an Apple iEmotion device by the end of the decade….
From The BBC
Scientists have shown they can change people’s moral judgements by disrupting a specific area [...]

The world’s simplest mobile phone…

From Intomobile
Tired of all the bells and whistles that come complete in today’s cellphones? Hi-res cameras, speedy processors and cool apps just aren’t your thing? Or perhaps you’re simply too addicted to today’s technology that you can’t put it down? Whatever the case may be for you, John’sPhone is a wonderful breath of fresh air. [...]

pretty colors

Here’s a blog that is filled with nothing but pretty colors

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