sound manipulation


but how long is the hose?

eat my dust humans….

Machine beats humans in practice Jeopardy round. I say we pull the plug now before its too late…
From CNN

So who won the “Jeopardy!” practice run?! Watson won! Too bad, humans!
In a 15-question round, Watson fielded about half of the questions — and got none wrong. The computer netted $4,400, nearly quadrupling Rutter’s score and beating Jennings by [...]

speed is key…


Chris Beckman had the genius idea of stitching together all those moments on youtube where someone dropped their video camera, the result is a seamless montage of stories in which the only constant is clumsiness. Stay tuned for the roller-coaster footage….

the beauty of logic or the logic of beauty…

I love the OK Cupid people for their dispassionate analysis of some of the most interesting data in the world – horny people data.  There’s nothing quite as fascinating as a person operating under the libidinous load of their cerebellum…
Let’s start at the beginning.
All people, but especially guys, spend a disproportionate amount of energy [...]

free will

William Anastasi
Free Will
black/white video camera, monitor
32 x 42 x 46in.
81.2 x 106.7 x 116.8 cm


the future part 137

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