Pixar’s Zoetrope




a liberal

if ballots don’t work – bullets will.


In the wake of the Arizona shootings American politics appears to have become even more highly ossified than it already was. ¬†Understandably Sarah Palin’s Facebook page has become the eye of the storm after her campaign efforts in the recent election that involved the use of target logos on Democrat held seats and her infamous [...]

hand made

art and science get to know each other…

Science and art meet – The New York Times takes us there
In the drawing, a nude man and woman stand on either side of a wall. Each wears a plastic breathing mask that covers the nose and mouth; the masks are connected to air hoses that pass through the wall. The hoses attach to [...]

out with the old…

the dumbest kind of smart

This article from Wired does a nice job of summarising current approaches to AI, particularly the use of algorithms and mimicry to establish effective patterns of behaviour…
AI researchers began to devise a raft of new techniques that were decidedly not modeled on human intelligence. By using probability-based algorithms to derive meaning from huge amounts of [...]

snow job

Tilt shift stills works its charm – especially in the snow…

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