The Cyclotrope from tim Wheatley on Vimeo.

The answer is money….

Fans of AA Gill’s writing will enjoy this article.  A discussion of Dubai and its makeover. He pulls no punches. From Vanity Fair
Dubai is the parable of what money makes when it has no purpose but its own multiplication and grandeur. When the culture that holds it is too frail to contain it. Dubai is a place that doesn’t just [...]

new possibilities

Roger Linn Previews New LinnStrument Prototype from Turnstyle Video on Vimeo.
Roger Linn invented the Linn drum machine back in the eighties. One of the first and best. Now he’s back with a touch pad instrument that has some intriguing possibilities and a beautiful tone.

learning how we learn…

This TED video is amazing on so many levels, but principally for the intensely comprehensive accumulation of data and its subsequent analysis. And the subject? How a child learns language. But what’s really interesting is when they apply these same techniques to the broad discourse of television and social media.

why there are traffic jams

poodle power

why men play rugby…

turning the bland into the sublime

ensemble playing….

Doomsday scenarios

Up till now Peak Oil has been the preserve of the lunatic fringe.  Not anymore.  Shell finds the issue so pressing that they have taken the unprecedented move of releasing a publicly available discussion paper on the topic, which examines various scenarios leading up to the year 2050.  None of them are good. Most worrying [...]

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