This is a robot…

The harder they fall

Let’s hope that this is true….
For America’s beleaguered liberals, Monday’s New York Times reports what sounds like a dream come true: Fox News is considering parting company with Glenn Beck, the rococo conspiracy theorist who inspires those on the swivel-eyed right and infuriates anyone to their left.
According to the New York Times’s media correspondent David Carr, unnamed Fox News [...]

Jesus Christ!

Who would have thought? From Phil Zuckerman at the Huffington Post
The results from a recent poll published by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life ( reveal what social scientists have known for a long time: White Evangelical Christians are the group least likely to support politicians or policies that reflect the actual [...]

Ladies and gentlemen, the true face of vistuosity

Attaining this level of mastery on the piano would be difficult enough, doing it on a guitar with finger tapping is just mind crippling – I say, let him make any kind of face he likes…

What is the new iPad 2 really like?

Charlie Brooker looks into the subtleties….

a personal view

I enjoyed the king’s speech – (please avail yourself of the parody above – “Stammer Time!”). It was a very pleasant movie. I may even have teared up for a moment when he saved England from the Germans by not stammering. It had a beginning a middle and an end. It was diverting. [...]

Holly Throsby – on super eight

What I Thought of You – Holly Throsby (Official Video) from Yanni Kronenberg on Vimeo.
I’ve always loved the Holly Throsby thing. Delicate, gossamer, nuanced neo folk has always been a favorite. Her new work is delightful. This track, What I Thought of You, is particularly beautiful in the stripped back glory of its whisper [...]

slower than you thought possible

Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch by Nasca Octavian is an open source software that allows you to slow sound down to unimaginable levels of slowness.  This does something very strange to music, making the reprehensible beautiful, the bland delightful and the turgid compelling.  Above is Beyonce’s Single Ladies – which is neither turgid, bland or reprehensible, but indeed, rather catchy. [...]


ReAlize is a clever piece of op art by  Michael Kalish commisioned by the one and only greatest of the greats Muhammad Ali. Unsurprisingly, it has been constructed from punching bags (1300 of them), a very large amount of wire and quite a lot of steel.  From most angles it just looks like a two [...]

a bird in the hand is worth…

Thousands of sparrows in the sky over Holland.

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