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Awesome roboticness from the masters of the uncanny valley, the people that brought you Big Dog – Boston Dynamics


More Goldman Sachs madness but with a nice underdog twist, From The Guardian,

Mega-bank Goldman Sachs (assets $933bn), has declared war on one of the smallest banks in New York (assets $30m), the customer-owned community bank that happens to also be the banker for Friends of Liberty Plaza, Inc, also known as Occupy Wall Street. And you thought [...]

Johnny Depp explains a few things to Ricky Gervais


This delightful installation is by German artist Regine Ramseier.  You can read the whole story, how she went into the country and collected delicate dandelions that fall apart with just the gentlest hint of a breeze, then transported them back to the city in a special frame she made in her car, which she had to [...]


Matt Taibi hones in on the details one more time in this Rolling Stone piece on just why Occupy Wall Street is pushing so many buttons From The Rolling Stone

FREE MONEY. Ordinary people have to borrow their money at market rates. Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon get billions of dollars for free, from the Federal [...]


a land of many parts

American politics is a passion that all the likeithateit team members share. It’s a carnival ride of venality, vanity and vulgarity that is mixed in equal parts with all the nobility and inspiration that the world’s “greatest democracy” can offer.  Any readers that share this passion would do well to read this excellent article that [...]

the holo deck in real life…

get your gear off

the new economy

A close personal friend of one of the likeithateit team members has been entrepreneurial enough to set up her own online business.  A fashion and homewares retail e-commerce thing that looks very slick and right up to the minute.  Try it, you might like it…..

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