finally a use for your smartphone and for lego and for rubik’s cubes…..

Feel good Tuesdays….

science! not fiction…

The Turbaned Tordnado

Here’s the feel good story of the day. Fauja Singh, one hundred year old Punjabi Londoner, runner of eight marathons since running his first at the age of 79, has now become the oldest person and the first centenarian ever to run the marathon distance of 42 kilometres. The full story here at The Guardian

trans continental

Justin Fantl has some very sweet images from his trips across the States on Black Harbour….

customer relations

I’m guessing that somewhere in America tonight, a Citibank PR consultant will be screaming expletives at an underling. This video of people being locked inside a bank and arrested for simply trying to close down their Citibank accounts is fuel on the fire for the Occupy Wall Street cause. Excellent stuff. Highly entertaining.

literal rap

Patience, the fun starts after 24 seconds…


Everyone is joining the Wall street revolt it seems. Even down at the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic. Solidarity comrades!

the voice of the people

Alan Grayson sums it up…

Wall Street

There’s a shit load of action on the streets of America right now. It’s just like 1968 only the music is not as good. Here’s hoping that some real change can be achieved, since it’s fairly clear that in the eternal struggle between capital and labour, capital is beating the bejesus out of the workers, [...]

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