Mozart v2

I know, I know, this is a 60 Minutes story, it’s trash journalism. But the subject, Jay, is truly an exceptional individual. A 12 year old who composes, much as Mozart did, in a continuous stream, without mistakes or corrections for the simple reason that he is in his own words, “downloading the [...]

solar gets real….

With Julia and her mandate hating comrades in the socio anarchist Labor party delivering us into the hands of chaos with the delivery of this big new tax thingy, it must come as quite a relief to Tony Abbott to find out that solar power is getting cheaper by the day. And we’re not talking [...]

robot pours drink!

We’re a bunch of robot-o-philes here at likeithateit, principally, because we long for the day when we can laze around by the pool whilst our robotic proxy does all of our work writing blog posts and what have you, (as opposed to our robot overloads hunting us down with nasty killer drones). So this video [...]


By Cyriak, (needless to say), possibly histories greatest film maker

safer, blander…

shooting 3D on The Hobbit

women with a drinking problem

Many more images of these sadly afflicted women here

for no other reason than its epic coolness – a model of Stephenson’s steam engine made from glass…

suck it up

Aeroshot Pure Energy is a slim, pocket-sized tube that works like an asthma inhaler. Pull on the little button gently, and the tube opens up at one end, allowing you to inhale a puff of light, caffeinated powder that dissolves instantly in your mouth. Each puff contains 100 milligrams of caffeine, roughly equivalent to a tall mocha [...]

The Illusion of Skill

The Occupy Wall Street protests have prompted a great deal of discussion regarding income discrepancy, much of it accompanied from the side of the greedy sociopaths by the “we’ve earned it, we work harder and we’re smarter than everyone else.” line of logic. Interestingly, many of the top earners work in investment banking, selecting shares [...]

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