Three superstars, one stage.

Posted on May 30, 2008
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My friend Dean told me about this performance. Thank God he did, just as you’ll be thanking me soon after you watch this video of James Brown, Micheal Jackson and Prince on stage together, getting down and going off! But it gets better. It begins with the Godfather of soul spotting Michael in the audience and begging him to get on stage. Micheal obliges and then burns the house down with his vocal chops and white hot dance moves. Then its Princes turn. Carried on stage by Hulk Hogans half brother, everything starts to slides downhill shortly after, as he straps on his guitar and begins to thrash away at the strings. Whose to say what was going on in his head? Was it an ego boilover? some dark night of the soul? perhaps Michaels incendiary performance put the clappers on him? whatever it was, all we see is a man struggling to find an idea – any idea, he plays a few funk riffs, he tools round with the microphone, he bumps, he grinds, he strips, but nothings working tonight, “dang, why’d Michael have to be so good?” . Someone save him, please. Poor Prince, so good, so talented, but not this night.

Check it out for yourself


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