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Posted on November 28, 2008
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Beijing Smog

From The Guardian

“Van der Veer pointed out that the financial crisis would be a problem for a couple of years, “but the energy challenge will be a problem for at least 50 years”.

He told the audience to face three hard truths. First, the world’s population will increase from 6 to 9 billion over the next couple of decades and these people will all want electricity and transport.

Second, oil and gas alone will not be able to provide this fuel: renewables in time will come into their own but we are a while away from that future at the moment.

And third, CO2 levels will go up in concentration higher than the levels recommended by the scientists.

This last idea is particularly depressing, given that scientists such as James Hansen of Nasa believe that these recommended levels are too high anyway. It is a grim little list, made even grimmer by the source: not a deep green thinker, but the head of one of the largest energy companies in the world.” read more

From The People’s Daily

“After efforts by geological exploration teams for over a year, an ultra large coal field with a forecasted 23 billion tons of total reserve was found in the famous Turfan Basin in China.

Reporters learnt from the Department of Land and Resources of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region that, the newly-discovered coal field is located in the Sha’er Lake in Piqan County of Turfan Region in Xinjiang.

The coal mine occupies an area of over 300 square kilometers with a gross minable thickness of 169.69 meters, and a coal bearing ratio of 29%, with the largest coal bed being 141.91 meters thick in a single layer.

In China, a coal field with over 50 million tons of reserve is defined as an ultra large coal field. Sha’er Lake coal field has a forecasted reserve of 23 billion tons placing it into the category of an ultra large coal field at the national level. The People’s Government of Autonomous Region has now listed Sha’er Lake as the key coal exploration area in Xinjiang, and it will be deployed, explored and excavated with an overall plan.


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