Posted on December 10, 2008
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The likeithateit team love TopGear even though we know we shouldn’t. Apart from anything else our office is so green we don’t even own a car between us. Just a motley collection of motorscooters, pushbikes and a pair of old roller blades left over from an ill advised roller disco party we threw back in April when we launched the site. And then there’s our flatmate who constantly interrupts our viewing of the latest Jeremy Clarkson rant to make some shrewish but perfectly accurate obersvation of his character, such as, “that man is an arsehole”. Yes, we know he’s an arsehole and that the show is completely indefensible, but thats why we enjoy it. Just the same as we enjoy spilling our seed on the barren ground. It feels good when we do it, though afterwards there is only shame and the knowledge we have wasted another hour of our life (thats watching Topgear not spilling our seed, which only takes three minutes). Anyway, heres a scene from the latest series in which Jeremy goes to some rather extreme lengths to exhaustively test the Ford Fiesta, women may wish to turn their heads. I don’t know why we like it, we just do…


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