this will blow your tiny minds…..

Posted on January 20, 2009
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Reich’s “Piano Phase” is typically performed by two players and works on the principal of allowing the same motif, played on two pianos simultaneously, to drift slightly in and out of time, to produce the phasing effect that occurs when a sound wave is some aspect of 18o degrees out of phase with itself.  Its a remarkable piece, hypnotic, harmonically rich and intensely difficult to play, requiring extraordinary levels of concentration and discipline to achieve the minimal drifts of timing required to produce the phasing effect.  This version is being played by ONE PERSON! Peter Aidu, is a Russian concert pianist whose powers of concentration must be unnatural. Look at his face. That man eats microchips for breakfast. He is communing with a higher level of consciousness. Space aliens whisper in his ear. His fingers are robots, his heart a metronome. He has difficulties in his personal relationships. Amazing…..


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