Posted on June 12, 2008
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This video is really dull, so I’ll explain it you and then you can make your own decision as to whether to watch it or not. A group of American’s including an eight year old girl shoot at cars, using a variety of weaponry at a rifle range. The interest resides in the lengths they’ve gone to make their targets ‘interesting” and the enthusiasm with which they pursue their objective, which I presume is the obliteration of anything in front of their guns. That and the fact that they are encouraging an eight year old girl to shoot a large powerful machine gun at a car rolling down a hill. It goes on and on, I didn’t watch it all, but i could hear them hooting and hollering as I made myself a cup of tea. I didn’t rush back to see which lifeless lump of metal they had managed to blow up, but I’m sure that the fantasies inside their head that fuel this gun crazed mayhem are not quite as healthy as the ideals presented by gun owner associations. Only in America.


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