all you can eat

Posted on March 29, 2009
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diagram-of-family-ages-jon-lombergOne of the many delicious things that NASA did in the seventies, was send the Pioneer deep space probe into deep space.  Right now its just passing out of our solar system, waving bye bye to Pluto as it guns for the deep interstellar vacuum.  In a fit of seventies style good vibes, the groovy scientists that made this thing, decided it would be an excellent idea if they included a bunch of happy snaps and some vital stats on the human race, just in case the thing was picked up some Alien version of Blake Seven.  Though undoubtedly what will happen is that some Riddley Scott styled, acid blood, multi jawed uber beast will see it as an invitation to come on down for some old fashioned “all you can eat” action.  None the less, the pics and info the good scientists collected are an awesomely pure naive expressions of just how exactly to sum up the human race to an alien consciousness, without resorting to swear words .  The good people at Sheldon’s have hosted  a whole slew of the data, so head on ever and have a look.


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