Posted on April 29, 2009
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Ever thought about becoming a superhero?  Here is a collection of people who have made the dream, real.   Or at least as real as it can be without actually having any super powers. I love lycra myself, but never been into masks, so I guess I can’t do superhero.  But one thing is for sure, I hope I never bump into them in a dark alley, at least not unless I’m being mugged.  I guess.  Here’s the personal profile of INSIGNIS, then after the jump, a video, in which he and his team show off their costumes and describe the kind of shit they do on a Saturday night.  As they say, its just like a neighborhood watch, but in lycra, with masks, and boots and serious fetish gear….

Insignis patrols the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah with other members of his superhero group,  The BLACK MONDAY SOCIETY.

“I wear a uniform with a mask. I may be a bit odd by normal standards but, like so many others in the world today, I saw a need for change. So, I started within myself. That’s when wearing the uniform, and patrolling the city at night became my other job. Welcome to the Black Monday Society of Salt Lake City, Utah.”*

“Through many uniform changes, ideas of crime prevention and patrols, we have shaped up to be quite the team of Masked Heroes. I am proud of the Team. I am also just as proud of my city, which is why I fight for her.“*


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