falling down

Posted on May 29, 2009
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I know, its nothing but fucking videos this morning, but they’re all so entertaining.    This one is a joke on a joke on a joke.  It all started when someone had the very clever idea of changing the subtitles on the iconic scene in Downfall, where the truth of Germanies situation is communicated to Hitler.  Turned out that this was a perfect carriage for illuminating just about any situation that involved an unfortunte imablance of power and tremendous hubris, or in other words just about every financial, sporting and political situation in the world. Subsequently, Downfall parodies sprung up like mushrooms in a cow turd after the rain.  The producers of Downfall, saddened by the very real fact that their brilliant film was turning into a machine for taking the piss, started issuing takedown notices just as fast as their lawyers could could type up writs.  Now someone has parodied the producers of Downfall using the Downfall film. Is your head spinning?  And they were especially careful, to strictly follow the letter of the law, making sure their version was well within the terms of the fair use agreement that governs copyright within the States. Anyway, its deeply ironic and really, very witty indeed.  Enjoy.


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