Posted on July 31, 2008
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On a bus trip from Jordan to Jerusalem whilst traveling across some of the duller sections of the Negev desert a friend entertained me by reciting entire scenes from the Star Wars films. It was a simple game. I would recall an instant, any scene from the first three Star Wars films and then he would recite the entire episode to me, in character. It was a talent he acquired as a child. Every day when he returned home from school he would watch one of the Star Wars films. After ten years of this he used to recite the dialog with the characters.

Earlier in my life I knew a girl who had Star Wars wallpaper, shelves full of Star Wars toys and a complete collection of every possible Star Wars film and documentary. She would go to the cinema and watch whatever iteration of the franchise was on every Saturday night. That was way back in 1982. She just sent me this video of Star Wars re imagined as a black and white film. Will the fascination ever end?


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