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Posted on July 29, 2010
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Here’s an interesting story on the power of 4chan’s grown up alter ego – anonymous – everyone’s favorite schoolyard bully

From Newsvine

Sometime over the past few months the Tea Party, and more specifically the Oregon Tea Party, went shopping for a new slogan. They desired something pithy, no doubt, that was emblematic of their “every-man” persona yet still sufficiently antagonistic as to communicate the tacit threat the right-wing movement imagines it presents to the nation’s political elites.

It is not clear when or why or how the selection was made or even to what extent any formal decision making process was involved. What is clear is that over the past month or so the slogan “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us” has appeared on Tea Party websites, posters, bumper stickers, and billboards.

To natives of the digital realm, the “We are Anonymous” slogan is instantly recognizable as the virtual banner of the erstwhile virtual vigilante group whose name it declares. “Anonymous” is both a group and a meme (and neither) – perhaps the most significant and least frivolous of the ideo-linguistic children of anonymous posting communities like 4chan. Anonymous is, in essence, an angry mob with idle hands and in appropriating their moniker, the Oregon Tea Party provoked them.

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