A Heart beat from the top

Posted on August 30, 2008
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Sarah Palin, Miss Congeniality, in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant

Politics, politics, politics – I know there’s been a lot of posts on politics and not enough monkeys riding motorcycles around here recently.  Thats because we’re getting to the business end of one of the most interesting and possibly one of the most significant elections of ALL TIME in which the people of America get to choose a leader of the FREE WORLD to lead us.  Why they should be the only people that get to pick the person that fries our arses I don’t know.  Recently we’ve seen the Democracts go on the attack with some stirring speeches and mass rallies of celebrities and other people with good teeth.  Now the GOP have tried to steal their thunder with the announcement of McCain’s (you’ve done it again) running mate, Sarah Palin.  Well, it seems they could have done better, in the last day or two we’ve found that she doesn’t believe in global warming, will not support abortion even in cases of rape and incest, has had her son edit her wikipedia entry and was once a MIss Alaska contender.  The following excerpt is from a commentary on her selection featured on The Huffington Post, so its going to have some liberal bias, but it is full of indignant rage, and why not? As they point out, any vice president to 72 year old McCain has a very real chance of taking on the top job.

It’s always said that the most important decision a presidential candidate makes is their pick for vice president. It shows their thinking and judgment. John McCain, in his first decision, has just told the world that he believes Sarah Palin is the most qualified person to be a heartbeat from the presidency. Forgetting all the available men for a moment, if John McCain felt it critical to select a woman in an effort to somehow grab the Hillary Clinton supporters, look at his choice of women he had available: Christine Todd Whitman, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Elizabeth Dole, Susan Collins, even – for goodness sake – Condoleezza Rice. Or Carly Fiorina. Each of these have marks against them, and perhaps some might not have wanted to run, but it’s near-impossible to look at the list and suggest to the American public that Sarah Palin is the best choice of Republican women to be vice president. And again, this is ignoring the men he who could have been chosen.

It’s not that Sarah Palin is inexperienced. It’s that this is gross political misconduct.

Sarah Palin has been governor of Alaska for just a bit over 18 months. Alaska has a population of 683,000. (Though that doesn’t include moose.) This would only make it the 17th most populous city in the United States. Just ahead of Fort Worth.

Before that, she was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Population 9,000. I know Republicans like to promote “small town values,” but this is taking things to ridiculous extremes, don’t you think? I’m from Glencoe, Illinois, population 8,762. It’s so small it doesn’t even have a mayor, it has an appointed village manager. I’m sure that Paul Harlow is doing wonderfully at his job in the village – but I don’t expect that he sees himself as even wanting to be a heartbeat from the U.S. President in 18 months. You know what the top news story is on the Glencoe website? “Fire Hydrant Painting Underway.” (To be fair, it’s the #2 story. The top news is a clarification about displaying political signage.)

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And just to hand – she named her first son “Track” because she liked running so much.  Shakes head in bewilderment, that means I will have to name my first son “beer” or possibly “masturbation”…


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