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Posted on October 31, 2010
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When Jon Stewart announced in September that he would hold a Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington’s National Mall, the media’s reaction ranged from eh? to d’oh! What did that even mean? Didn’t only rabid rightwingers have enough rage these days to attend rallies? Was Stewart approaching the edge of professional neutrality and about to plunge into the icy waters of political propagandist, such as Fox News’s Glenn Beck?


More pics of the placards at Buzzfeed

From The Guardian

But at the event itself on a warm autumn afternoon, all the anticipatory handwringing felt like little more than a tempest at a tea party. Flooded with what early estimates put at 200,000 people, or what Stewart’s comedy colleague and rally co-host Stephen Colbert described as “six billion”, the Mall radiated calm good humour.

In regards to how “political” the event was intended to be, the crowd’s placards – as seems to be the rule now for American rallies – told the real story. Yes, there were some rabidly anti-rightwing sentiments (”OMG GOP WTF”); there were also plenty of representatives from I’m-just-here-for-the-jokes (”Where’s my car?”).

But most asked – politely, humorously and correctly spelled – for the kind of moderation Stewart was advocating: “Maybe you’re wrong, maybe I’m wrong – let’s grab a beer”; “The founding fathers were east coast liberals”; “I masturbate and I vote (but not usually at the same time.)”

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