The Animals and Children Took to the Streets

Posted on November 1, 2010
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The likeithateit team were lucky enough to see The Animals and Children Took to the Streets last Friday night at the Sydney Opera House.  It is a remarkable production that uses twenty first century technology to give the impression of a silent film from the twenties, albeit with plenty of talking and loads of wonderful music.  With references to Russian Suprematism, The Bauhaus, Nosferatu and other Modernist touchstones alongside a satisfyingly Gothic Deep South aesthetic, its got something for every art junkie. The players interact with animated backdrops and characters projected against three screens which form the play’s sets.  Its exceptionally well done, beautifully realised and superbly performed, creating a show that is at once deeply nostalgic and unlike anything you’ve ever seen, if thats possible.  It gets a thumbs up from the Likeithateit Team…..


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