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Posted on April 7, 2011
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American politics gets crazier by the hour.  The Republican nomination is going to be a shit storm of hilarity with the greatest freak scene of pro gun, pro abortion, anti poor, commie hating, God fearing evangelical proselytising mouth breathing weirdos to grace an election anywhere in the free world. With nutcases like Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee ready to return the country to its Constitutional roots even if that means taking it back in time two hundred and fifty years.  But before that circus has properly begun, the Republicans are keeping things interesting by refusing to accept the Democrats budget proposals and shutting the entire government down. This excellent piece from Esquire takes us through the kind of politics that inspires the Republican brand – the politics of sadism….

We are in an age dominated on one side by the New Politics of Sadism. Hurtful policies are enacted, not because of any logical benefit they might bring, but specifically because they hurt people the Republicans want to hurt. The thoroughgoing abandonment of the notion of a political commonwealth, cheered on by degrees since the elevation of Ronald Reagan and whatever ideas people could cram into his empty head, has reached the point among American conservatives where it is now the kind of faith you find in the most unshakable of perversions. It manifests itself everywhere. It’s expressed politely by people like that intolerable foof, David Brooks, who’s never taken a position in his life that cost him so much as a dinner invitation. On the radio, and on cable news, it’s expressed crudely by people who are far more honest about their contempt for their fellow citizens.

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