Use of blackboards in genre film.

Posted on October 12, 2011
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Apparently, according to one of the smuttier members of the likeithateit team, there is a lot of pornography on the internet. Further, he says, (it’s always a he, isn’t it?) “The Classroom” scene is a popular genre for the enactment of these pornographic displays. Unsurprisingly, there is a blog devoted to examining the formula and lessons written on the blackboards featured within these “classrooms”  and then solving the problems. We’re not entirely sure what to think of this.  Here’s an example, there’s much more to be found here.

Mathematics – year 8 level

This sets out to be a good illustration of the function more commonly expressed as y=x2. (Why the teacher has chosen A and S is unclear; these are sometimes used in lower case form as acceleration and distance respectively, but the relationship between them would not then be physically correct.) The important points (S=0, S=1, two points where S<1 and two points where S>1) have been well chosen to illustrate this function, though it would have been useful to have included some more points where S<0 to show what happens when squaring a negative number.

The graph has then been plotted, but sadly this is where the lesson begins to falter. Firstly, axes on the graph should be labelled with ‘S’ (horizontal) and ‘A’ (vertical). And the graph that has actually been plotted seems to be more like:
1. S=0 A=4
2. S=4 A=8
3. S=6 A=15

The graph is roughly the correct shape, but is not positioned correctly: it clearly intersects with the vertical axis at A=4. Even allowing for other drawing errors, this is a function more like A=bS2+4. It would also have been useful to extend the graph to S<0.


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